Projects (english version)


Master Thesis for the MSC VU University.

Ruby on Rails, Actionscript, Flash Media Server, RESTful.

The web is today one of the most extended platforms for communications. Through the web users send emails, discuss articles or share pictures or videos. For this uses there are all sort of Web Sites and Web Services which provide users the necessary tools to create the desired content. But, where are the real time voice recordings?. Why can we not leave voice messages anywhere on the web? In this project I study the benefits of using real time voice recordings on the web, I evaluate the available technologies that deal with this type of media and I implement a system to satisfy the needs.



Official iPhone application for the restaurant service IENS while working at Steape LTD. (Available on the iTunes App Store)

RNE Radio

RNE Radio App

Radio Application of the National Spanish Radio group. The application became the most sold application for a period of two-three weeks after christmas of 2009. The application now belongs to the official group and is free of charge. (Available on the iTunes App Store).


Asm 8052, Pic-C, Proteus,

A home centralized control unit. iRoom is connected to different peripherals such as motors, activators, temperature or light sensors and permits the user control all of the from a panel or from a remote computer through the Internet. It permits the user to program customized alarms using the different elements connected to the unit. iRoom is implemented in assembly language using an Intel 8052 MC for the central unit and a pic16f84a for the motor controller. It connects via rs-232 to a PC server which remote clients can connect to. The main panel is composed of an LCD screen and a matrix keyboard. The PCBs and circuit designs are available.

open iRoom capture


Ruby on Rails

Amigo invisible is a web based application to create Blind game sets. It randomly assigns each player the person who he has to give the present to and sends him an email with the details of his gift. My first Rails application.


Flex & Actionscript

Ximpel is an eXtensible Interactive Media Player for Entertainment and Learning, in short XIMPEL, platform offers the possibility to create interactive media applications. Ximpel editor is a rich web based client that allows users to create interactive media without having to manually code complex XML files. Vixie is meant to be used by non technical persons, such as high school teachers or kids.




C, OpenGL

A simple running game written in C using OpenGL. The game implements a scenegraph engine and a renderer. The purpose of this game is to act as a startup scheme for more complex games.


Ruby on Rails & Actionscript

A social networking popular search engine Mash-up using various social networking web services and a rich interface. The core is implemented in Ruby on Rails and the rich interface in Flex.

Wozzhot capture


WakuWaku (MiGranja) is an educational game for children from 3 to 8 years to learn and memorize different animals, objects related to them or their particular sounds. WakuWaku is implemented in Flex and the source code can be browsed by right clicking on the game itself.

Migranja Waku Waku Game


ASM8052, Pic-C, Proteus.

Eyebot 2 is a three-wheel robot that can find the exit of a labyrinth. It uses an ultrasonic distance sensor to “see”. The hardware is based on the iRoom with additional artificial intelligence.

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